I Was Made For You

We believe that monogramming is a special way of celebrating you or someone you care about. Choose your personal and unique initials then select the color and font to personalize our hand debossed monograms. All monogramming is included.

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Deboss Personalization

We want you to shine. We use time-honored techniques of hand monogramming with
solid brass pieces to ensure long lasting quality. Deboss refers to a stamp (a design) into the surface of an object so that it is indented. You can choose from a gold foil, silver, rose gold, or no color for a blind deboss.

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Fonts & Colors

We have two classic fonts for you to choose from to create your elegant monogram. We use a Serif and a Sans Serif font. Serif is decorative while Sans Serif is simple, non- decorative.

Serif Font

A serif is a decorative stroke that finishes off the end of a letters stem (sometimes also called the “feet” of the letters).

Sans Serif Font

Sans Serif letterform is one that does not have extending features called "serifs" at the end of strokes. They are often used to convey
simplicity and modernity or minimalism.

Foils & Colors

We have three colors to choose from: Gold, Silver, Rose Gold or no color blind deboss.