Gift Card (Virtual)

Gift Card (Virtual)

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My HARPER JAMES Gift Card is the perfect way to share your love with someone! This way your loved ones can choose their favorite Harper James product. Once you place your order for the Gift Card, we will send you an email with an e-gift card which you can then share with your loved one. 


- 100% Recycled Vegan leather

- Personalization is foil debossed (a traditional technique of stamping a design into the material)

- Wipe clean with dry cloth 

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We control and maintain the highest standards for every part of our supply chain to ensure we have the finest products made in the most efficient way, while reducing the impact on the environment. 

Our commitment is to always use the highest quality, most eco-friendly vegan leather. We are proud to say that 100 percent of our items are made with recycled vegan leather.

Our design philosophy is less is more. We thoughtfully create pieces that are meant to last. We do not operate on the traditional seasonal calendar and therefore there is less waste. Our products are meant to be used every season and beyond. We choose to take a sustainable approach to fashion.